The top 5 difficulties when teaching EFL to adults in Catalonia.

Who says that teaching EFL is easy? Nobody. But it’s surely challenging! Every country has its own way, its own cultural load and so it’s fairly tricky till you -the teacher- discover what is behind all that and how to accomodate to the new reality. Here are some tips.

 mind map

 1. Motivation

An Adult student comes to our EFL classes with different motivations but I’ll speak mostly of the students who attend the EOI Language Schools which do serve as reference for other language schools.

These ‘Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas’ are spread around Spain. Students’ ages range from 16 to 70 and they come from all walks of life – from school leavers to housewives, few retired professionals who seek personal progress, some businessmen and women from different trades, but a good percentage of those (I would venture a third) are teachers or teaching staff who need their English to further up their curriculum. Their motivation will be, mainly, to learn fast, effectively and eventually get the certificates which will in turn give them a raise in their salaries.

 2. L2 Exposure

The younger the learner the more probabilities he’s had English tuition previous to his first course at the EOI. This does not mean he has learnt it well. Differences in levels within the same course are tangible in 2n. level……

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