An Introduction to Argentine Tango

Alberto Castillo, a famous tango singer, best defined the idea when he sang:

(as from 0:57)

Así se baila el tango, sintiendo en la cara

This is the way to dance the tango, feeling in your face

la sangre que sube a cada compás,

the blood that goes up at each beat,

mientras el brazo, como una serpiente,

while the arm, like a snake,

se enrosca en el talle que se va a quebrar.

Is wound around the waist that is going to twist.

Así se baila el tango, mezclando el aliento,

This is the way to dance the tango, mixing the breaths

cerrando los ojos pa’ escuchar mejor,

eyes closed to listen best

como los violines le cuentan al fueye

how the violins tell the bandoneon

por qué desde esa noche Malena no cantó.

Why from that night Malena stopped singing.

There are 3 basics rhythms in Argentine Tango: the ‘tango’, the ‘milonga’ and the vals’ (Eng.waltz).

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