September 11th


 For many people, September 11th is undoubtly associated with the “towering inferno” of the Word Trade Center in New York in 2001. But for many others, and especially for Catalans, that date will always have a different connotation. It is a reminder of Barcelona’s heroic resistance to the Bourbonic siege of 1714. On that glorious date, Barcelona summoned up its government (called the ‘Consell de Cent’) and decided on resistance whereas other Catalan cities and villages had already surrendered. The duke of Berwick, commander of the allied French and Spanish forces, lay siege on Barcelona using an ingeniously built strategy of trenches, thousands of cannons and massive gunpowder. Having an untrained army and scanty military resources, Barcelona resisted as well as she could for 13 months. This provoked immediate admiration in the rest of the European states. In Catalonia, September 11th became its National Day. Presently, it has become a symbol of resistance to oppressive ruling and endurance in spite of a forseen loss.


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